Gift Planning

Van Raaltes Give Back for Receiving Nurturing and Support From Hope


Lloyd & Virginia Van Raalte

Lloyd '50 and Virginia Van Raalte believe in the importance of an affordable Hope College education. Lloyd's father was unable to complete his Hope education and Lloyd has often wondered how his father would have fared if he had had the benefit of a full college education. Lloyd was able to complete his Hope education through an inheritance from his grandmother that required proceeds from her estate pay for his Hope education.

Lloyd has reflected on how Hope College helped him in obtain a degree and assisted in his professional life as the first superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to enroll and re-enroll at Hope over the years 1942 and 1950. Hope faculty at that time recognized his unique circumstances and encouraged him to continue toward a degree no matter how long it took. When Lloyd led the consolidation of 13 rural districts into the West Ottawa school district as superintendent, he turned to Hope faculty members Garrett Vander Borgh and Stephen Partington for advice and counsel.

Because of the nurturing and support he received from the Hope community, both as a student and beyond, and his and Virginia's desire to support current and future students at the college, Lloyd and Virginia make annual donations to the Hope Fund and have designated a portion of their estate to support the Baker Scholars program.

"Hope never abandoned me," he says when asked what impact Hope had on his life. Both he and Virginia have made a difference in helping students attend Hope regardless of their financial circumstances.