Gift Planning

Leaving a Legacy as an Inspiration for Her Children and Others


Lenora Ridder '69

Education is of the utmost importance to Lenora Ridder '69. Since graduating, she has been pleased that Hope College continues to make integration of faith and rigorous academic standards a priority.

"The day my children were all in school was the day I went back to college to get my teaching certificate," Lenora says, explaining the 20-year gap between her graduation year and that of her late husband, Dr. Herman "Bud" Ridder '49, former president of Western Theological Seminary.

Lenora has served professionally as the minister of Christian education and as a counselor to spouses of clergy at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. She also pioneered work in religious education for people with disabilities. She recently cofounded the Leadership Renewal Institute, an organization focused on supporting ministers and their relationships to their congregations.

Feeling blessed financially, Lenora believes she owes something to Hope for the positive impact on her family and the community it embodies. She partnered with Hope with a charitable gift annuity arrangement that provides her with the benefit of an annual income for life, allows her a charitable income tax deduction and fulfills her philanthropic goal of supporting Hope College.

By supporting the mission of Hope College in providing an exceptional education in a Christ-centered environment, she leaves a legacy for her children and hopes to serve as an inspiration to others. "I feel truly blessed to be able to help students by supporting Hope College."