Gift Planning

Endowed Scholarships at Hope Help Students Succeed


Stephanie Dykema '10

There are many ways to support the ongoing mission of Hope College, but few as meaningful and rewarding as establishing an endowed scholarship. For many students, attending Hope College can become a reality only with the financial assistance provided through scholarships established by thoughtful, caring alumni and friends of Hope College.

Stephanie Dykema '10, a psychology and business major, felt that support first hand as a recipient of a scholarship at Hope. "It never ceases to amaze me that a person chose to take interest in a student's life, a student like myself," says Stephanie. "A scholarship not only helps me to cover the expenses of college, but it helps me to be confident in myself because I know that someone else is also invested in my education."

Endowed Scholarships
Endowed Scholarships help bridge the gap for those college bound students who are unable to obtain federal and state financial dollars.

Furthermore, they make up a significant portion of Hope College's overall endowment fund, which is the financial heart of the college. In the face of economic change and inflation, Hope's long term vitality and security depends on the growth and health of our endowment.

Thank You
Scholarship recipients and donors often times form a relationship through regular communication and stewardship events at Hope. "I have sent thank you notes to my donors," says Stephanie. "It's one small way of attempting to express my deep appreciation for the impact that a scholarship has not only on my education, but also my future."

Scholarships are essential for attracting and retaining talented students. They ensure that Hope is able to continue to admit students based on their academic achievement regardless of their ability to pay.

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